Dead mouse no hit with energy drinker

Click to play video: 'Dead mouse proves to be no hit with energy drink customer' Dead mouse proves to be no hit with energy drink customer
WATCH: A Mission-area man says he got a nasty and shocking surprise inside the can of an energy drink. Jennifer Palma has the disgusting details – Feb 12, 2016

WARNING: Graphic photos of the mouse in question are in this article

Jordan Bell picked up an energy drink and got one extra ingredient inside that was not listed on the can.

A dead mouse.

Bell, who works as a millwright, had gone out on Monday and bought a ‘NOS’ energy drink at a 7/11 store in Mission. On Tuesday while on a break, he cracked open the can and started to down the energy drink.

The 35-year-old admits he’s been drinking NOS for years and said while it didn’t taste great, at the same time it wasn’t overly different. When he finished drinking, he shook the can and heard something inside.

A little apprehensive over what he might find, the Dewdney resident called over his friend who opened the top of the can for him. That’s when they saw a dead mouse at the bottom of the drink container.

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Bell started dry heaving and went straight to a doctor, who advised he go to the hospital. At the Mission Hospital they contacted BC Poison Control and told Bell that in about 24 hours he would probably experience nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

And the hospital staff did not lie. On Wednesday, Bell experienced every symptom.

Bell also contacted Coca-Cola, who in 2007 bought the original maker of NOS, the Fuze Beverage company, before transferring their energy division to Monster Beverage in 2012.

Coca-Cola said sorry to Bell, and initially wanted to offer him some coupons for his mousy experience, but unfortunately their local office were out of coupons – so instead, they offered up some free swag like a hat and t-shirts. But Bell declined their offer to promote NOS.

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Coca-Cola told Bell to keep the mouse in the can in his freezer, and a courier would be sent to pick up the package so they could test the rodent.

As of Friday afternoon, the courier has still not arrived. Needless to say Bell says he will never drink NOS again.

What’s his biggest takeaway from this experience?

He’ll be drinking out of clear containers from now on.

NOS, whose home page exhorts consumers to “forego all fear, wake up, walk out and tear today to shreds”, have not commented the incident.

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