Snoop Dogg narrating ‘Planet Earth’? Online petition wants rapper to take over

Click to play video: 'Petition calls for Snoop Dogg to narrate BBC’s Planet Earth' Petition calls for Snoop Dogg to narrate BBC’s Planet Earth
An online petition on is calling for Snoop Dogg to narrate BBC's 'Planet Earth.' – Feb 8, 2016

A petition to get rapper Snoop Dogg to narrate nature documentary Planet Earth has already garnered over 60,000 signatures.

The documentary series was famously narrated by British actor David Attenborough.

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“We the people have agreed — we want Snoop Dogg to narrate full episodes of Planet Earth!” the petition reads.

The idea originated after Jimmy Kimmel Live! sketch called Plizzanet Earth featured Snoop Dogg adding his trademark language to background footage of animals.

Naturally, the rapper was in favour of the petition.

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Watch the video of Snoop, above.

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