WATCH: Vicious alligator fight caught on camera

Click to play video: 'WATCH: Vicious alligator fight caught on camera' WATCH: Vicious alligator fight caught on camera
WATCH ABOVE Insti-Gator starts vicious alligator fight that is caught on camera – Feb 5, 2016

Incredible video of two Florida alligators fighting was captured and posted online Feb. 3 by a professional photographer who was in the right place at the right time.

Jeremiah Johnson recorded the ferocious fight while on his lunch break near his Clearwater, Fla., studio, which is located near a lake where the two gators live.

The video shows the alligators crawling on land to spar.

The alligator that is attacked first quickly takes the upper hand, locking its teeth around the shoulders and hind legs of its attacker.

The video then shows the insti-gator twist its body enough to clench its jaw around the torso of his enemy, rolling and shuffling the pair back into the water.

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“Amazing animals,” read the caption posted along with the video. “Nature is awesome.”

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It appears neither gator was badly injured.

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