Recipe: Super Bowl 50 snacks

CRAFT Beer Market: Super Bowl 50 snacks

Chef Jacob Metcalf of CRAFT Beer Market shares some Super Bowl party snack ideas, including a recipe for beer-battered pickles.


– CRAFT House Pickles 5 kg
– All Purpose Flour 1 kg
– Dry Rub Spice 100 g
– Tempura Flour 900 gr
– Parallel 49 Craft Lager – cold 1.75 l
– Panko Bread Crumbs 500 g


– Remove CRAFT house pickles from pickling liquid and cut lengthwise into ½” spears
– Mix all purpose flour and dry rub spice in a stainless steel bowl then place into a fry pan
– Mix tempura flour and Parallel 49 Brewing Company’s Craft Lager into a stainless steel bowl then pour onto fry pan
– Pour Panko breadcrumbs onto a fry pan
– Working in batches, dredge pickles in the flour mixture and shake off excess flour
– Dip the pickles into tempura batter and shake off access batter
– Place the pickles into Panko breadcrumbs and shake gently. Be sure not to pack the Panko breadcrumbs onto the pickles
– Sift the Panko breadcrumbs as needed to remove clumps
– Place breaded pickles onto parchment lined baking sheets
– Store refrigerated (below 40°F). Hold for 2 days maximum

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