February 3, 2016 1:21 pm
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4 photos to avoid when looking for love online

The pictures you choose for your online dating profile can make or break your chances of finding a match. Selfies are a big no-no.


If you’re trying to snag a date online, there are some definite don’ts you should pay attention to. That’s particularly true when it comes to sharing photos.

Scott Valdez, founder of Virtual Dating Assistants, says people should ask themselves two things whenever they post an image: “how good do I look in the image?” and “what does it communicate about me?”

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“People go really wrong on both ends of this,” he adds.

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Valdez is one person who should know. His U.S.-based company manages hundreds of people’s love lives online, taking care of everything from writing profiles to messaging prospective partners.

They also help folks select the perfect profile picture. Their stringent selection process involves rating photos from best to worst then putting the rankings into a spreadsheet to calculate a favourite.

Based on their non-scientific findings, these are the images they advise clients avoid.

1) No selfies in the mirror

“A selfie in the mirror isn’t usually a good thing,” Valdez tells Global News.

For one thing, these shots will never be great quality. They can also come off a little narcissistic, which is probably not the first impression a person wants to make.

2) No close-ups

Research has shown that tightly-framed shots make people appear less trustworthy.

And let’s be honest, for most of us a bit of space between the face and the lens is a good thing.

“They say the ideal distance from the camera is about seven feet,” Valdez adds.

So leave getting up close and personal for later.

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3) No cats

Valdez and his team will actually crop cats out of guys’ photos. Ladies don’t usually find the combo attractive, he notes.

Men with dogs, on the other hand, always do well. “They’ve become a little cliché because so many people do them.”

He figures dogs make a man seem trustworthy and reliable, since they represent another life is, potentially, being cared for.

4) Beware the bar scene

This one’s more for the fellas. If you’re going to post a shot from the bar, be mindful of who’s there with you.

“You want women to kind of imagine themselves [beside you],” Valdez says. “Most women don’t have this massive desire to go to the bar with the guy and 15 of his buddies and chug beer.”

It might be easier for a woman to picture herself in a cocktail bar with a mixed group of people who look fun, smart and interesting.



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