January 28, 2016 12:53 pm

WATCH: Physicist stands in path of bullet

Norwegian physicist Andreas Wahl put his own life on the line to test how a bullet behaves underwater, demonstrating the difference in resistance between water and air.


This is going to ruin every crime drama you’ve ever watched.

You know the story: detectives investigating an unusual homicide discover that someone was shot while under water. Or maybe it’s an action movie, bullets flying, people jumping into the a lake or ocean only to be grazed by a bullet.

Except, well, that’s not entirely based on science.

Norwegian physicist Andreas Wahl — the same man who put his life on the line to illustrate Newton’s Second Law of Motion — was at it again, this time using science to illustrate the concept of resistance. And in order to do so, he stood in the path of a bullet.

WATCH: Physicist Andreas Wahl stands in the path of a bullet

Now, Wahl is no dummy: he carefully planned out the experiment ahead of time.

You can indeed fire a gun under water: there is still oxygen available to fire the pin. However, water is about 800 times denser than air, which slows the bullet considerably once it’s been discharged from the gun.

And this is why Wahl lives to do another seemingly dangerous and crazy experiment.

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