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Following the path of a sexual offender

Sex offender Peter Whitmore leaves Court of Queen's Bench on Monday, July 23, 2007 in Regina, Sask. after pleading quilty to abducting and sexually assaulting a Saskatchewan boy and a Manitoba teenager

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More than 1,400 adults were found guilty of sexual offences against children in 2013-14, according to numbers provided by Statistics Canada’s Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Integrated Criminal Court Survey.

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16×9 requested the most recent data available from the Centre in order to get a snapshot of court decisions dealing with adult sexual offenders.

Numbers show that 57 per cent of adults charged with sexual offences against children were found guilty in 2013-14. The percentage is amongst the highest when compared to other violent crimes such as murder and major assault which both carried conviction rates of 53 per cent.

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The most common type of sentence for adults convicted of sexual offences against children was custody. 83 per cent of guilty child sexual offenders were sent to jail. The number is much higher than other violent crimes such as murder and assault, which were 72 per cent and 48 per cent respectively.

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Guilty findings include:

  • Guilty of the charged offence.
  • Guilty of an included offence.
  • Guilty of an attempt of the charged offence.
  • Guilty of an attempt of an included offence.

This category also includes guilty pleas, and cases where an absolute or conditional discharge has been imposed.

Offences include:

  • s. 151 – Sexual interference (under 16).
  • s. 163.1 – Child pornography (under 18).
  • s. 152 – Invitation to sexual touching (under 16).
  • s. 172.1 – Luring a child (under 18).
  • s. 153 – Sexual exploitation (16 and 17).
  • s. 173(2) – Indecent acts (under 16).
  • s. 212(2, 2.1, 4) – Procuring prostitution (under 18).
  • Other child sexual offence (under 18)


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