WATCH: 1,500-lb Kodiak bear hugs, kisses, plays with caretaker

Click to play video '1,500-lb brown bear hugs, kisses and plays with caretaker' 1,500-lb brown bear hugs, kisses and plays with caretaker

Jim Kowalczik and Jimbo have been great friends for over 20 years.

But over those years, Jimbo has grown to be around 1,500 lbs and nine-and-a-half feet tall.

Jimbo is a Kodiak bear that Kowalczik rescued as a cub and raised with his wife Susan Kowalczik at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in New York State, a non-profit animal rescue centre.

A Facebook video of the man and the beast wrestling and playing together was uploaded earlier this month and has gone viral with over 13 million views.

The wildlife sanctuary joked in response to a concerned viewer that Kowalczik’s insurance is “up to date.”

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In a comment, the centre explained that Jimbo was born and raised in captivity.

“Because of this he is ill-equipped to survive in the wild. Also, he is so used to humans and sharing his life with humans that he would become a ‘nuisance bear’ which would definitely result in his death,” they wrote.

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According to the sanctuary, Jimbo and the other 10 bears at the centre do not interact with the public but regularly play and cuddle with Kowalczik.

“The bears become part of Jim and Susan’s family,” they wrote. “This is definitely an act of love for Jim and Susan. The bears mean a great deal to them and they are very loved.”