Rachel McAdams nominated for best supporting actress Oscar in ‘Spotlight’

WATCH: Multiple Canadians, including Rachel McAdams, are up for Oscars this year, and half of the movies nominated for best picture were filmed, at least partially, here in Canada. Mike Armstrong reports.

For the first time in her career, Canadian actress Rachel McAdams has been nominated for an Oscar.

McAdams is nominated for best supporting actress for her work in Spotlight, a movie about The Boston Globe‘s “spotlight” team. In the film, the investigative journalists look into widespread child sexual abuse cases purportedly committed by a priest in and around the city.

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McAdams’s character, journalist Sacha Pfeiffer, is based on a real person of the same name, and the Canadian star spent time with her to make sure she got the role down pat.

“[Sacha] was so generous with her time,” she said to The Toronto Sun. “You never felt like any question was a dumb question. It was funny because they’re so used to asking other people questions and she would turn it around on me and I was like, ‘Wait a minute, this movie is about you.'”
WATCH: Canadian Rachel McAdams nominated for an Oscar for her work in the movie ‘Spotlight.’
Oscars: Canadian Rachel McAdams nominated for supporting role Oscar
Oscars: Canadian Rachel McAdams nominated for supporting role Oscar

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McAdams recalls hearing about some abuse allegations when she was younger and felt “confused and baffled” such a thing could happen, especially to kids.

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“I think [Spotlight] is a story that you can’t really hear enough,” she said to the Sun. “It’s easy to forget these things. I think for the investigative reporting side of it, it’s really a dying art to take years to bring together. They’re not glamorous.”