Volunteers in Chilliwack help free 2 eagles tangled in tree

Click to play video: 'Record year for wildlife rescue' Record year for wildlife rescue
WATCH: Last year was a record year for wildlife rescues in BC, and 2016 is already looking busy. Volunteers were in action today in Chilliwack, helping two eagles out of a tree. Catherine Urquhart tells us how they became trapped there – Jan 2, 2016

Wildlife rescue volunteers helped free two eagles spotted hanging upside down from a tree in Chilliwack on New Year’s Day.

A resident spotted two eagles entwined in a tree about 60 feet in the air. Unsure if the birds were dead or alive, the resident called the nearby Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL).

Soon after, a tree service company dispatched a bucket truck to the scene along Yale Road and cautiously approached the eagles, who were very much alive.

OWL’s Diane Reiswig says the eagles likely got tangled up in the tree during a fight.

“Right now it’s getting close to their mating time and they’re very territorial and if one eagle approaches onto another nest, the other will fight,” she said.

After determining the birds were OK, a worker covered the eagles with a tarp to calm them.

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“When they went up there to get the tarp over them, they unlocked their talons,” Reiswig said.

Once free, the two eagles were quick to fly away.

– With files from Catherine Urquhart

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