Top 10 biggest Ikea stores in the world


TORONTO – Construction has begun to build North America’s largest Ikea in Montreal, the Swedish home furnishing company announced on Tuesday.

The current Montreal Ikea will be renovated to house an updated 469,694 square foot store, complete with three fully furnished home settings and 54 individual room settings.

The new store will also feature the famously inexpensive Ikea restaurant, with room for 600 guests to indulge in some Swedish meatballs and 1,400 parking spaces to load the pieces of your self-assembled closet organizer conveniently.

Global compiled a list of the largest Ikea stores in the world, to see just how big Montreal’s new store will be.

1. Stockholm (Kugens Kurva), Sweden
Opened: 1965
Size: 594,167 square feet
Fact: The largest Ikea store in the world is listed as a tourist attraction in the Stockholm official visitor’s guide.

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2. Colonge (Am Butzweilerhof), Germany
Opened: 2009
Size: 459,618 square feet

3. Beijing, China
Opened: 2006
Size: 452,000 square feet

4. All Stores, Japan
Opened: 2006-2008
Size: 430,000 square feet
Fact: Japan is the only country in the world in which all of their Ikea stores have the exact same square footage.

5. Dalian, China
Opened: 2009
Size: 409,000 square feet

6. Vienna (Vösendorf), Austria
Opened: 1977
Size: 404,723 square feet

7. London (Lakeside), United Kingdom
Opened: 1996
Size: 398,000 square feet

8. Copenhagen Tåstrup, Denmark
Opened: 1969
Size: 398,000 square feet

9. Paris (Fraconville), France
Opened: 2005
Size: 390,729 square feet
Fact: With a total of seven stores, Paris is home to more Ikeas than any other city in the world.

10. Gent, Belguim
Opened: 2008
Size: 387,000 square feet