No damage, injuries reported after earthquake rattles B.C.’s South Coast

An earthquake struck near Sidney, British Columbia, according to Earthquakes Canada.

It happened 19 kilometres northeast of Victoria, 58.7 kilometres below the earth’s surface, at 11:39 p.m. on Tuesday.

Earthquakes Canada originally reported it as a 4.3-magnitude earthquake, while the US Geological Survey has reported the magnitude as 4.8. Earthquakes Canada has now upgraded the earthquake to a 4.7.


There have been no reports of any serious damage, but it was widely felt throughout the South Coast and Vancouver Island.

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“I felt quite strong shaking in my house,” said John Cassidy, a seismologist with Natural Resources Canada, who lives just south of Sidney.

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“You could hear things moving around, pictures on the wall. It was the strongest in quite some time here.”

Cassidy says how long people felt the earthquake for depended on soil conditions in their area.

“Soil will alter the shaking,” he says. “Most likely, people on soil will feel stronger shaking that will continue for a longer time period, compared to rock.”

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He says this earthquake was also a deep one, making the shaking less strong.

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“If the quake was closer to the surface, we would be looking at much stronger shaking reports. These deep earthquakes tend to have very few or, most often, no aftershocks,” says Cassidy.

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He says although earthquakes like the one experienced on Tuesday night are common in B.C., it is a reminder we live in a very active earthquake zone.

“We have experienced larger earthquakes in the past and we will experience larger earthquakes in the future,” he says.

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A number of people on social media talked about the importance of having emergency preparedness kits ready.

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As more British Columbians were finding out about the earthquake, Victoria Police Department Tweeted asking people not to call 911 to report the earthquake to avoid tying up resources. Despite that, E-Comm says it received 247‎ 911 calls in the 15-minute period between when the earthquake struck and midnight, a significantly higher volume than usual.

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Immediately after the quake, TransLink shut down the Expo and Millennium Lines to determine whether the guideway was safe, but reopened shortly before 1 a.m.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre says there is no threat of any tsunami at this time.

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The City of Vancouver says there are no reports of any significant damage from the earthquake. BC Hydro reported that the quake had no impact on its electrical transmission and distribution systems.

This quake follows another that measured 4.4 and struck several hours earlier near San Bernardino, California.

The USGS said aftershocks of magnitude 3.8 and 3.2 came minutes later, and dozens of tiny aftershocks followed in the next few hours.

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So far, no aftershocks have been reported in B.C.

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