More people speak out against Steven Miller Landscaping

DOLLARD-DES-ORMEAUX – In late August, Lissa Albert needed to work done to a pipe that leaked under her home. The insurance company was going to pick up the cost to redo the lawn that had to be dug up.

So she said she chose Steven Miller Landscaping.

“He gave us a really good plan, we thought everything was going to be really nice,” she said. “He told us it was a two-day job. We signed the contract Aug. 26, of this past year, he cashed the cheque the next day and he didn’t start the work.”

Last Thursday, other West Island residents told Global News about their experiences with Steven Miller Landscaping.

We found out Steven Miller Landscaping declared bankruptcy and so did he, personally.

They weren’t the only ones.

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Eileen Novicoff lives only a couple of blocks away. She said she wanted a new walkway and signed a contract with Miller in April.

When she realized Miller wasn’t coming back, Novicoff said in late October, she got another landscaper to complete her property for around $10,000.

Over the course of seven months, she said he stopped by a few times but by October, it was still unfinished.

Novicoff told us she gave Miller a total of $7,600.

“Finally by October, when he finally dug out everything, I had no access to my front door,” she said. “I had to go through the garage door all the time because it was, I don’t know, five or six feet deep, you couldn’t even get up to the first step.”

After our first story aired, a couple of Miller’s former clients, including Albert and Novicoff, told Global News they have been to their local police station to file a complaint alleging fraud against Miller.

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However, the police told us they couldn’t confirm that because complaints are confidential.

“The police are here to serve and protect the community,” said Albert. “And if other people are going to be targeted, we just wanted to find out. If we could stop him before it happens.”

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We showed up at the address Miller listed when he declared personal bankruptcy, but there was no response.

We also tried to reach him on his cellphone, but it seems the line has been cancelled.

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