McBarge is on the move to its new home

After almost 30 years, Expo 86’s McBarge is on the move to its new home.

It is moving from its current location on the Burrard Inlet in Burnaby to an industrial facility on the Fraser River in Maple Ridge.

The McBarge is well-known for hosting a McDonald’s restaurant on False Creek during Expo 86.

Port Metro Vancouver will be escorting and closely monitoring the move.

WATCH: McBarge slowly makes its way to Maple Ridge for refurbishment
ARCHIVE VIDEO: Remember McBarge? In June 2013, Catherine Urquhart explained the history of the McDonald’s facility that had been moored in Burrard Inlet since the end of Expo 86.

The McBarge, which is officially known as the Friendship 500, was moored during Expo in Vancouver’s False Creek. It was intended to be a McDonald’s after the fair ended, but the deal fell through.

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It has remained empty and fallen into disrepair, but will soon be fixed up before going to its final destination, which has yet to be announced.

WATCH: A look inside the McBarge:

What do you think the McBarge should be?

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A club? A fancy restaurant? A floating spa? A McDonald’s again? An event space for parties and get-togethers?


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