December 11, 2015 6:34 pm
Updated: December 12, 2015 12:16 am

Alleged road rage incident leads to hitting, shoving in East Vancouver

WATCH: An incident of road rage in Vancouver has been caught on camera. Kristen Robinson talks to two men who witnessed the confrontation and explains why police aren't investigating.


An alleged road rage incident was captured on video in East Vancouver this morning.

Two drivers exchanged words and it escalated into a physical altercation at Kerr Street and East 41st Avenue.

Josh and Brad, both plumbers, were on their way to work at 6:55 a.m. and were behind the older man in a Mazda.

Josh said a man driving a scooter came up on the left side and cut the Mazda driver off. He said the older man in the Mazda then made a gesture to the scooter driver, who then pushed his scooter in front of the man’s car.

“[The man on the scooter] was driving a bit crazy, swerving a bit much,” said Josh, asked that his last name not be used.

That is when the driver got out and the two confronted each other.

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In the video it shows the two pushing each other and then the scooter driver appears to knee the older man in the groin. He then hits him on the face and the man’s glasses come off and land on the roof of his car.

“I was shocked, it was so early in the morning. Over almost nothing,” said Josh.

“When the guy got punched, his glasses flew on to the top of his car, so [my coworker] got out and made sure he was OK and then gave the glasses back to the old man.”

The Vancouver Police were not called, but said they heard from the scooter driver after the incident. The rider admitted there was pushing and shoving and tempers flared.

No one was hurt and police say the file is concluded.

“I’ve never seen this in my life,” said Josh. “I’ve never seen anyone get out of a vehicle and have that much road rage in my life.”

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