5 brilliant ways to fake a Christmas tree

From the simple to the sublime, there are so many different ways to decorate for the holidays that don’t involve chopping down live pine trees or putting up plastic ones. These non-tree, DIY-“tree” ideas will get you in the festive mood without any fir-tree related fuss.

A stack of floating shelves increasing in size from the ground up provide the perfect perch for seasonal ornaments and objets d’art. Assemble a collection of books, objects and photos in a cohesive colour scheme for a tree that’s on trend, or keep it colourful and kid-friendly with a mix of your favourite family mementos.

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Not just for plumbing anymore, plastic piping takes on a whole new (pretty) purpose with this PVC-pipe tree. The sliced plastic rings make perfect cubbies for colourful ornaments, or a custom advent calendar.

Twine, dowel, glue and creative gumption are all that’s needed to make this delightful, bauble-hung Christmas tree rack. Its flat design is perfect for cramped condos or an unexpected dash of holiday cheer in a hallway.

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Ten pieces of doweling, a drill and a demur palette of silver and yellow, and you’ve got yourself a sleek, Scandinavian-inspired wooden Christmas tree.

Skip the fir-tree felling and collect wind-fallen twigs from your backyard instead. Shaped into a stylized Christmas tree, this twig-tree DIY is just as appealing as the real thing. Think of it the grown up version of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

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