Questions raised about Christmas lights tax money


KELOWNA — It started with a plea to save a popular Kelowna Christmas display, but now it’s raising questions about how taxpayers money was spent.

The Capri Rotary Club says its light display will no longer be allowed in Kerry Park.

It put out the call for a new location, but it turns out it’s not the location that’s the problem, but the light display itself.

The B.C. Safety Authority says the display needs major safety upgrades, even though the city gave the Rotary Club $19,000 to upgrade the lights.

The city can’t say how that money was actually spent.

The club hopes to find a new site for the display, but the B.C. Safety Authority says the same safety regulations apply, no matter where the lights are located.

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The Rotary Club says the city money has been used for upgrades and says it put some of its own money toward improvements, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy the B.C. Safety Authority.