Saskatoon residents aren’t buying into Black Friday, Cyber Monday

SASKATOON – It’s less than a month until Christmas and you know what that means, tis’ the season to shop.

Store and online retailers have decked the halls with deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but according to a new independent poll conducted by Insightrix Research Inc., only eight per cent of people in Saskatchewan plan on buying gifts on those days.

Consumers may not be buying into the designated mall shopping days, but they are buying online. Retailers are using technology throughout November and December to reach potential customers with deals.

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“They’re changing in the fact that they’re moving into social media and the use of technology. It’s a bit vague now to distinguish between online and offline,” says David Williams, University of Saskatchewan marketing professor.

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“Most people will check things out online, on their phone or iPad before they get to the store.”

Insightrix’s 2015 holiday spending report shows 93 per cent of Saskatchewan residents plan on buying gifts and 46 per cent of those plan to spend more than $500.

These spending habits will have a big impact on retail sales, on average 30 per cent of annual profits are made during the Christmas season.

So it seems Saskatchewan residents are in the shopping spirit, they’re just waiting for that perfect opportunity, whenever that may be.

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