Saskatchewan brewery introduces lentil-based beer

A Saskatchewan craft brewery is using lentils in a recipe for a four per cent light beer that uses local ingredients. Neil Fisher / Global News

Lentils are low in fat, high in protein, and possibly an ingredient in your next beer. Saskatchewan-based Rebellion Brewing unveiled its Lentil Cream Ale at a gathering in Saskatoon Wednesday.

The light beer uses 20 per cent King Red lentils and barley grown in Saskatchewan.

“We absolutely pride ourselves on using local products. I always tell people ‘local for the sake of local is pointless.’ It has to be top-notch, quality product,” said Mark Heise, brewmaster and vice-president of Rebellion Brewing.

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The light beer has four per cent alcohol content with a rich flavour and a creamy body. There are only two other known lentil beers in the world, Heise said.

In Saskatoon, Lentil Cream Ale is available exclusively at Louis’ Pub for the rest of November.


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