University of Lethbridge ‘couple’ photos go viral

LETHBRIDGE – Nicole Larson says she sees couples posting photos together on Facebook every day, and she felt it was time to poke fun at them.

“I have nothing against couple pictures, I just thought it would be funny to do a photo shoot with a box of pizza,” said Larson.

On Oct.26, the single 19-year-old University of Lethbridge student let her Facebook friends know about her serious relationship, with pizza.

The photo album quickly went viral, and was featured on websites like Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Mashable, EliteDaily, just to name a few.

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Larson partnered with photographer Miriam Ott, who said she was instantly on board.

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“I immediately had all these ideas in my head of all those couple shoots you see online,” said Ott. “And how that could be incorporated with pizza.”

The girls chose Nicholas Sherran Park on the city’s west side because they had seen many photos taken at the location before. They added that it was almost perfect for what they wanted.

The two joked about the photos going viral, but never imagined it would become reality.

Since the photos have become an Internet sensation, Ott has been asked to take photos across North America and even recognized by international photographers.

“[One photographer] admired my work and shared some of his photos, and we were talking and he said he was going to be getting married and invited me,” said Ott. “That he would pay for my flights to go to the Cayman Islands for his wedding.”
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Larson, on the other hand, is falling more in love with pizza as the days go by.

“Every time I eat pizza I’m going to think of this photo shoot,” said Larson. “I might actually end up eating it more, especially because Pizza Hut in Lethbridge gave me a really generous gift card.”

Pizza Hut was the pizza of choice because Larson said it was the only pizza shop available where she grew up in Hanna, Alta.

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