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Tips and ideas for nailing your last-minute Halloween costume

Here are some suggestions from the experts to make your last-minute Halloween costume.

YouTube, The Sorry Girls

So you want to pull off an awesome Halloween costume, but you waited until the last minute. Classic.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Well, The Sorry Girls do. Kelsey MacDermaid and Becky Wright are the queens of Halloween. The two have been put together costume tutorials (including last minute ones) on YouTube for the past six years. So they know their stuff.

And they were more than willing to offer this advice to help you out.

Tip #1

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Don’t procrastinate – oops.

Looks like you’ve already done that. Next year, try to start thinking of ideas and getting inspiration at the beginning of October so that you aren’t in a rush the day before Halloween! Oh well, you always have next year.

Tip #2

Start in your closet

Your first step is to look to your closet to see what clothes you might have. That will save you some money.

Then think about every Halloween costume you’ve ever seen, every character in every movie, and every pop culture reference from the last year. Easy, right?

All joking aside, remember, for example, that Marty McFly wore jeans, a red vest, a jean shirt and some sunglasses.

Remember that Donald Trump is just a guy in a suit, red tie, and the ever-famous side-swept hair-do.

Tip #3

Dollar store and the Thrift Store are your friends

If you’re not feeling inspired by anything in your closet, it may be time to head to a dollar store or thrift store.

We’ve created more than 75 last-minute costume ideas using things found around our house, at the dollar store or the thrift store. The poop emoji (which, for the record, Canadians lead the world in using) or a pizza emoji can easily be made out of foam or Bristol board.

Tip #4

Get creative

There is always a costume to be made. How about an unemployed dog walker? All you need is street clothes, dog leashes and maybe a sign that says “for hire.”

Or wear your Jays gear, draw on a thick brown beard and throw your home-made baseball bat (made from cardboard, of course) in the air. Boom. You’re Bautista.

Tip #5

Get inspired on YouTube

YouTube is the place to go for costume ideas. We started our channel on YouTube by posting costume tutorials, and this year tons of lifestyle YouTubers uploaded last-minute costume videos with dozens of ideas.

Here are a few more of the last-minute costume videos the ladies have put together. Hopefully one of them inspires you.

You can also check out this gallery featuring some of the best costumes our viewers have come up with over the years:

A couple more easy suggestions include:



A movie theatre floor

Cheyenne won “most original costume” with this creation last weekend.

Rowena Hardy

If all else fails, there’s always this:


Good luck!

Send your best last-minute costume creations to photos@globalnews.ca.

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