Halloween a peak time for Pinterest fails

That time you got your kid stuck in a pumpkin during a Pinterest happens to the best of us.

Halloween, like all holidays, is prime time for Pinteresting. But anyone who dives into one of those seemingly simple and cute little projects should be prepared for it to turn into a DIY disaster.

No one is immune to the Pinterest fail. Not even professionals.

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Candy apples appear to claim a lot of victims.

The tricky part seems to be getting anything to stick to the apples.

Sometimes your cooking experiment will look like a crime scene…

…that even sprinkles can’t save.

Parents who try to stuff their kids into pumpkins are just asking for a Pinterest fail.

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Babies hate it.

Especially if you get them stuck in the pumpkin.

Stop doing it to them.

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Don’t be fooled by those chocolate-covered pretzel pumpkins either.

Sure they may look easy. But they’re not.

“Spooky fingers” also aren’t for the faint of heart.

They have a tendency to turn into chunky stubs.

Same with this “skeleton,” which looks more like a gingerbread man.

This was supposed to be a “vegan/gluten free skeleton.” One commenter on the original post wrote:

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Halloween a peak time for Pinterest fails - image
Corrine Marshall

A for effort?

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Pinterest, Brittany Laughtner

If you’ve experienced a Halloween Pinterest fail, don’t beat yourself up. Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone and send in your worst disasters to

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Editor’s note: This story was originally published in Oct. 2015 and updated a year later with more Pinterest fails.

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