Voter turnout in Alberta over 69 per cent in preliminary results

Voter turnout in Alberta over 69 per cent in preliminary results - image
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ALBERTA – Voter turnout across the country was higher than it has been for decades, and Alberta was no exception.

More than 17.5 million Canadians cast ballots in the country’s 42nd federal election – with a national turnout just over 68.49 per cent in preliminary results.

1.9-million of those voters were in Alberta – with the preliminary results showing Alberta’s turnout at 69.11 per cent.

Many ridings with tight races in Alberta saw a considerably higher voter turnout:

  • Calgary Confederation – 75.19 per cent
  • Calgary Centre – 72.14 per cent
  • Edmonton Strathcona – 73.01 per cent

Preliminary results show 59.5 per cent of the popular vote in Alberta was for candidates with the Conservative Party of Canada. 24.6 per cent voted Liberal and 11.6 per cent voted for the New Democrat Party.

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Alberta’s recent provincial election also saw its highest turnout since 1993 at 58.25 per cent of elible voters casting ballots.

Voter turnout appears to be the highest in Prince Edward Island at 77.42 per cent (preliminary). New Brunswick clocked in at over 74 per cent. Saskatchewan weighed in at over 72 per cent and British Columbia at over 70 per cent.

This spike in turnout comes on the heels of higher-than-expected advance polling numbers: About 3.6 million Canadians cast ballots over Thanksgiving weekend, the first time Elections Canada offered four days of advanced voting, instead of three.

Wondering what the turnout was in your riding? Check our interactive map HERE.

Just 61 per cent of Canadians voted in the last federal election in 2011.

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