How Global News is covering the 2015 Canadian federal election

Join Dawna Friesen and Tom Clark for a live TV broadcast that will air on all Global Television stations as well as on, YouTube and Facebook. You'll also find highlights from the broadcast on the @globalnews Twitter account.
Join Dawna Friesen and Tom Clark for a live TV broadcast that will air on all Global Television stations as well as on, YouTube and Facebook. You'll also find highlights from the broadcast on the @globalnews Twitter account. Global News

No matter where you are on election night, Global News will be there.


With extensive coverage on multiple platforms – on TV, online and on social media – Global News will be with you for every moment of the culmination of this historic 78-day campaign.

National TV coverage

Global National’s Dawna Friesen and The West Block’s Tom Clark lead our broadcast coverage.

The live TV broadcast will begin at 7 p.m. ET in Atlantic Canada, 8:30 p.m. ET in Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and 9:00 p.m. ET on the full Global Television Network, including in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.  The Global News Decision Canada special can also be seen in its entirely on the BC-1 all-news channel.  Check local listings for more details.

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The broadcast will also include analysis and commentary from former Liberal leader Bob Rae, newly retired NDP MP Libby Davies, Liberal Senator Jim Munson, and former Conservative MP Jay Hill.

Strategists from each of the three main parties will also provide their analysis on the outcome as well as former strategists and politicos.

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Global News reporters will be embedded at each leader’s headquarters; Stephen Harper’s Conservative headquarters in Calgary, Tom Mulcair’s headquarters in Montreal, and also in Montreal, Justin Trudeau’s headquarters.

Won’t be near a TV?

The Decision Canada broadcast will be live-streamed on, the Global News Facebook page as well as on our YouTube channel and YouTube’s election 2015 hub.


We will have extensive, live coverage of results as soon as polls close in each local riding while also providing valuable context. We have pages for each of the 338 federal ridings and to find out what is happening in your riding you can find the latest news as well as real-time results on election night on

We will also have reporters at each of the party leaders and around the country who will be live-tweeting the results and what’s happening behind the scenes on election night.

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Throughout the day, Global News journalists will be writing about what shaped voters’ decisions with an exclusive election day poll that dives into the minds of Canadians.

And with the outcome looking like a minority government, we will have analysis about what could happen next – will Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair form a coalition? What happens if neither one of the opposition parties commit to working with the leading party?

Global News on social media

partnership with Twitter Canada will provide analysis and exclusive data visualizations of tweets from Canadians’ reacting to the big election night stories.

If you’re using social media as your second screen on election night, be sure to check out Global News coverage onTwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube,Tumblr and Snapchat, where we will post results and behind-the-scenes coverage of our broadcast and the latest news from the various campaign headquarters.

Global News video editors will also share highlights from concession and victory speeches that play in-stream on Twitter, Periscope and Vine.

Our social media team will also be updating TumblrInstagram and our globalnews1 Snapchat accounts with behind-the-scenes coverage.

What are the election issues?

Global News analysis will help you make sense of the results, with extensive coverage of major issues and analysis about how they affect you.

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Wondering what each leader has promised in exchange for your vote? Take a look at a breakdown of all their promises.

Who to believe? Check out our reality checks on statements like marijuana being “infinitely worse” than tobacco, or whether Canada can pass on F-35s without penalty.

Throughout the day, Global News will reveal exclusive election day surveys that dives into the minds of Canadians.