Mai Duong celebrates one year after cord blood transplant

Mai Duong in hospital. Mai Duong/Facebook

MONTREAL – Exactly one year after Mai Duong received her umbilical cord blood transplant, the Montreal mother said she is doing well.

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“I’m one-year-old today,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I am forever grateful to that generous mum who donated her baby’s umbilical cord, she saved my life.”

Smiling, Mai Duong has a new, brighter outlook on life. Louis-Xavier Roux/Global News
Mai Duong shows Global reporter Rachel Lau photos of her daughter, Alice. Louis-Xavier Roux/Global News
Mai Duong shows Global reporter Rachel Lau photos of her daughter, Alice. Louis-Xavier Roux/Global News
Montreal mother Mai Duong is pictured with her daughter Alice, who she unexpectedly got to spend Halloween with. Mai Duong
Mai Duong after announcing she found a cord blood donor. Martin Hazel/Global News
Mai Duong in hospital in July, 2014. Karol Dahl/Global News

Back in July 2014, Duong was desperate for a bone marrow transplant.

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Of the 16 million donors around the world, only one per cent of the international donor bank is of Asian origin.

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The Vietnamese community in Montreal rallied, creating posters and a Facebook page to help her find that much needed donor, but to no avail.

Duong’s doctors decided to turn to alternative methods – stem cells – and in September 2014, an anonymous umbilical cord blood donor saved her life.

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On Facebook, Duong thanked the medical team at Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital as well as her close friends and family.

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“You have been there for better and for worse,” she wrote on Facebook.

“With your unconditional love, you have truly helped me to keep my head up high.”

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To sign up as a donor or for more information, click here.

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