‘You could smell him’: Florida teen on life support after ‘Facebook fire challenge’

WATCH ABOVE: A Florida teen is on life support after dousing himself in flammable liquid and telling his friend to set him on fire for a 'Facebook fire challenge.' Summer Knowles reports.

A 16-year-old Pine Hills, Florida teen is on life support after participating in a “Facebook fire challenge” Monday night, according to officials.

The boy, identified by the Daily Mail as Robert Seals, told his friend to set his clothes on fire after dousing himself in rubbing alcohol. Seals was allegedly taking part in a social media dare where people pour flammable liquid on their bodies and then set themselves on fire.

Lisa Oliphant, Seal’s aunt, told WESH News that her nephew’s skin was coming off his arms after he was lit on fire.


“All his chest burnt off and skin hanging off his arms and his hair burnt,” told Oliphant to WESH.

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Seals is in a local hospital for second- and third-degree burns to his arms and back. However, he will be flown out of town to a burn centre in Cincinnati.


Esther Ruiz, who lives four doors down from where the incident occurred, said she could hear and smell Seals.

“It’s horrifying the way he sounded,” said Ruiz to WESH. “You could literally see smoke and you could smell him – he was burning. And he was just screaming for someone to help him.”

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The teen who set Seals on fire has not been charged, police said, because the victim had asked to be set on fire.