Man on motorcycle takes both hands off handlebars to text during high-speed chase

Texting while driving is generally a bad idea. Texting while riding a motorcycle, even more so.

But texting while riding a motorcycle while you’re being pursued by police might rank among the most dangerous and ill-advised acts any motorist could possibly perform.

Police helicopter footage out of Florida shows a man doing just that, taking not one but both hands off the handlebars to send a text while in the middle of a high-speed pursuit with police.

The incident occurred this past Thursday in Marin County, Florida after police noticed a man on a motorcycle driving erratically down Interstate 95.

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Police began to pursue the motorcyclist in what officials described to NBC Miami as an “intense” high-speed chase.

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That’s when a police helicopter captured the incredible moment the man devoted both hands – and his full attention – to sending a text, even as his bike continued at high speed down the highway.

Police said they were eventually able to force the rider off the road without injury to him or any other commuters.

The man, whose identity has not been released, is facing multiple driving-related charges.

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