Police: Florida woman called 911 to complain she was shorted by drug dealer

A drug deal gone bad turned really sour for one Florida woman.

According to the Fort Myers Police Department, Erin Klich was trying to buy $75 worth of marijuana last Friday, but when she didn’t get all that she paid for, she called 911.

An officer arrived at the scene to follow up on a 911 hang-up call, and found Klich outside on the driveway of the home of the alleged drug dealer.

According to the police report, Klich told the officer she called them because she was trying to by seven grams of marijuana but didn’t receive any from the people inside the residence.

When she was arrested for misusing 911 and placed in a patrol car, police said they found a bag of weed wedged in her seat. She was later charged with possession.

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Klich’s attorney Lance Dunford told Global News that that is not his client’s side of the story.

“I can tell you that her position is she certainly was not calling law enforcement because she was shorted,” said Dunford. “It had to do with potentially being threatened by the alleged drug dealer’s love interest of sort.”

A spokesman for the Fort Myers Police Department suggested that because the initial call was a hang up, there may be no audio of Klich calling for the purpose of reporting a bad drug deal.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Klich seemed to have a stable career as an insurance agent. Klich told Global News that she did work for different insurance companies in the past but is no longer working.

Dunford could not confirm why Klich was no longer working, but said, “I’d imagine they weren’t too pleased to see her name going across the news.”

The attorney also would not explain why his client was at the home of an alleged drug dealer.

“It appears that there was a history of knowing that person from a completely different set of surroundings and circumstances that had nothing to do with selling drugs,” he said, adding that Klich does not have a criminal record or any prior arrests.

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Klich was released on a $3,000 bond from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday.

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