Couple set to adopt twins discovers woman faked her entire pregnancy

A couple in Texas say they had no idea the woman from whom they were set to adopt twins may have faked her entire pregnancy.

Jason and Byron Miller of Mansfield, Texas say they met Wenona McClellan after being put in contact with her by a social worker they had hired to arrange their adoption.

The couple says they were shown sonograms of McClellan’s twins and even allowed to touch her belly to see if they could feel her twins “kick.”

“We were so excited in that moment that she was actually going allow us to have her children and we were going to be new parents that if there were red flags, we didn’t see them,” Byron Miller told KTVT News in Dallas, Texas.

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The couple says they liquidated their 401k to help pay for adoption fees and prepare their home for the new arrivals. They also transferred McClellan several thousands dollars to help cover her living expenses during the transition.

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“[We were] getting not one crib, but two cribs. Not one car seat, but two car seats,” Byron said.

But they say they started to grow suspicious when McClellan postponed her C-Section until this week. They re-checked the sonogram they had been given and noticed a copyright appear briefly near the start of the video.

That led them to learn the video had been stolen off the internet. They say McClellan missed a doctor’s appointment this past Monday and shortly after that, they lost all contact with her.

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Police say McClellan has a criminal history involving theft, fraud, and possession of drugs. In April of 2015 she was arrested on a drug charge and sentenced to two years probation, which she violated according to police by failing to comply with court-ordered drug testing or addiction counseling meetings.

Once the agency in charge of overseeing the adoption read the original KTVT story earlier this week, they contacted the DeSoto Police Department and led them to McClellan. She was arrested and is being held on $500,000 (US) bond.

As for the Millers, this is the third time the couple has tried and failed to adopt.

“After everything we’d been through, this could not be happening,” Byron said. “It’s been so rough – emotionally and financially. I think we’ve done our best.”


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