Police body cam catches crash, aftermath with drunk driver

A police body camera captured not only the impact with a drunk driver in Florida on September 17th, but also the emotional aftermath of the shaken officer.

The video appears to show officer Eric Everley driving in his cruiser as he checks his cellphone, when suddenly a woman making a left hand turn comes out right in front of him.

According to department protocol, officers are allowed in-vehicle cellphone use.

The airbags were deployed inside the patrol car and the officer can be heard shouting an obscenity.

The officer doesn’t take too long to exit his vehicle, but appears to be shaken as he walks up to the other car where he opens the door and finds a woman with her breasts exposed.

After asking the woman if she is OK he asks her to “fix herself” and then emphatically asks her “What are you doing? You pulled right in front of me.”

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According to a WPEC report, Florida police said the woman had an open bottle of wine in her car.

Everley takes a moment to sit down on the curb until he notices the woman had put her car in reverse. The officer then walks back to the vehicle and asks the woman to put the car in park and asks for her keys.

Everley then takes a seat on the curb again waiting for paramedics to arrive and says to other people at the scene that he is “seeing stars” and that his “neck hurts.”

The camera then captures a short conversation with the police officer and a female bystander who asks “are you normally a motorcycle cop?“

“Yeah, I’d be dead,” he answers.

“Wow are you lucky!” the bystander said.

Both the officer and driver of the other vehicle were treated and released from hospital.

Cynthia Osborne, 53, was charged with DUI, driving without a license and refusing to submit to a blood test.

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