WATCH: iPhone 6S survives fall off balcony; man snaps it in half anyway

iPhone launches are always interesting events. From the superfans who camp out days in advance just to say they are the first person to have bought the new phone, to the tech-obsessed that can’t live without the latest version of anything.

Then there’s this guy.

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He was the first to emerge from the Apple Store at the Toronto Eaton Centre Friday with a brand new iPhone 6S in hand.

After proudly showing off his purchase to the media, he proceeded to drop it – many times.

The man in question. Nicole Bogart/Global News

Drop tests are fairly common during smartphone launches. People record drop test videos testing the durability of the latest and greatest smartphones to YouTube. But you don’t usually see that kind of thing directly outside the Apple Store.

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On Friday, things took a turn.

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An unidentified shopper proceeded to drop his new phone off the mall balcony, watching it fall about one storey.

Surprisingly, the rose gold iPhone 6S survived the fall without the screen cracking. Now, Apple did promise that the new phones had been designed to be more durable thanks to a stronger form of aluminum – but everyone was still pretty impressed.

But it didn’t stop there.

The customer then snapped the brand new iPhone in half.

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It’s important to note that the customer in question was promoting – a website that offers cash for broken smartphones.

However, it must have been an unsettling sight for those waiting in line. After all, that’s at least $900 he just snapped in half.

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