Record breaking jackpot of $60 million; What would you buy?

WINNIPEG — If you’re feeling lucky, you might want to pick up a lottery ticket before Friday night’s draw. Lotto Max is the biggest it’s ever been – a record breaking $60 million dollars, plus millions in prizes.

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Starting in July of 2015, new rules raised the cap to $60 million dollars, from 50. This is the first time it’s reached that level.

The massive jackpot has triggered “what would you buy?” conversations everywhere, including in the Global Winnipeg newsroom, where some on air personalities couldn’t help but weigh in.

“I would be completely surrounded by water” Evening News anchor Heather Steele said, quickly bringing up images of dream rooms with various ocean type features.


Heather Steele's dream homes seem to always include water.
This includes an indoor swim-up bar.
Even a pool that disappears under a sliding floor.
This would be a bedroom aspect Heather would quickly buy after winning the lottery.

Weather specialist Michelle Lissel’s plans had more of a Parisian feel to it. “Travel would definitely be in my immediate future to one of my favorite cities of all time.”

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Michelle would keep it simple with an Audi S5.
A vacation to Paris would be in the cards for Michelle if she won.
Michelle's "winter home" would be something modest and relaxing after winning.

Russ Hobson’s love of sports clearly stretches far beyond his job. “How about a dream home with my own indoor hockey rink?”


Russ Hobson's dream indoor hockey rink. Why have to leave home to hit the ice? .
Russ Hobson's dream home with a view.

Morning News host Holly Alexandruk would jump on a plane after buying tickets to travel the world before getting on her brand new Sea Doo boat.

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Holly Alexandruk would quickly buy this beautiful boat as well as some tickets to fly around the world.
Holly Alexandruk would quickly buy this beautiful boat as well as some tickets to fly around the world.

Weather specialist Mike Koncan would scoop up a couple of cottages he’s had his eye on and equip them with an aquarium staircase.

Mike would buy a modest aquarium with a wrap around stair case.
A nice Muskoka cottage would do well for Mike.
A nice Whistler would treat would be on of the first things th $60 million would be spent on.

So, what would you buy?


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