WATCH: Kayaker forced to use his paddle to fight off hammerhead shark

When it comes to dealing with this shark, the kayaker in this video may need a bigger boat.

Or at the very least, a bigger paddle.

A man fishing in his kayak off the shore of Santa Barbara, California on Saturday suddenly found himself under attack by an aggressive hammerhead shark, with his GoPro camera capturing the scary encounter.

Fisherman mark McCracken told NBC News the attack lasted about 15 minutes, as the shark repeatedly dashed at his kayak.

“It hit the back of my kayak twice and I turned around to see it,” McCracken told NBC News. “I couldn’t tell if he was biting [the kayak] or if he was head-butting it but soon as I saw it I just started going at him with the paddle.”
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Each time the shark approached, the man was forced to strike it with his paddle, something he says he did over 20 times during those perilous few minutes.

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Eventually, McCracken said he made his way to shore, with the shark following him the whole time.

“Even after I got out of my kayak and made it to the beach he was sitting right there,” McCracken said. “It was pretty creepy.”

While it’s rare to see a hammerhead shark in those waters, it’s believed recent warm weather caused the waters off the Southern California coast to be warmer than usual, which could have attracted the shark.

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