WATCH: Seal narrowly avoids being eaten by great white shark

TORONTO – A life-and-death duel between a hungry shark and a crafty seal was caught on tape by a marine biologist Monday off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Dr. Greg Skomal with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries recorded the video while working with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy near Monomy, Cape Cod.

Described as a “failed predation attempt”, the clip sees a great white shark make two lunging attempts to eat a seal, who barely manages to wriggle its way, mid-air, out of the shark’s jaws.

CBS News reports there were two other great white sharks in the area at the time this video was taken.

This is the second time this week cameras have captured a close-call at sea involving a predator and it’s prey. This past Friday, a couple was boating in the waters of Desolation Sound when another seal jumped into their boat to avoid a hungry orca.

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Global News has reached out to both Dr. Skomal and the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and will update the story with their comments as they become available.

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