WATCH: Australian TV host left speechless by great white shark video

There wasn’t much morning show anchor Karl Stefanovic could say, so, he didn’t.

The broadcaster from Australian network 9News was rendered speechless by a terrifying Discovery Channel clip of a gigantic four-and-a-half metre shark leaping out the water in slow motion.

Staring aghast at the camera, Stefanovic simply stated, “I am never going back into the water.”

Co-host Lisa Wilkinson was just as shocked. “Stuff summer!” she said.

“Look at the size of that thing!” exclaimed Stefanovic. “Like that little cage is going to help you.”

The cage in question is a Water Armor Shark Protection (WASP) cage, a shark cage that allows divers to walk along the ocean floor, invented by Discovery Channel’s Jeff Kurr.

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Earlier this summer, Biologist Mauricio Hoyos Padilla posted a Facebook video of what could be the biggest great white shark ever filmed. It was approximately 6 metres long.

Stefanovic made headlines last fall for wearing the same suit on the air for a year in order to highlight sexist double standards.