‘Harvest Moon’ raises money for Calgary’s first community food centre

CALGARY – The 7K Panorama Ranch south of Calgary hosted some of the city’s top chefs Saturday night, who are entertaining a new idea.

‘Harvest Moon’ is an event aiming to raise enthusiasm and funds in support of our city’s first community food centre.

It would become the eighth of its kind across Canada and hopefully provide a lifeline for Calgarians struggling to make ends meet.

It’s the second annual harvest moon in Calgary, a sold out event with the city’s movers and shakers planting the foundation for what could be a ground-breaking idea.

“An opportunity is growing is here to build a new community food centre,” said Nick Saul, president & CEO of Community Food Centres Canada.

It essentially merges a food bank with a community centre, including community gardens, cooking and nutrition classes and community meals.

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The idea is that food can strengthen a community, and ‘Harvest Moon’ is doing just that.

The food and wine was flowing and donations were generous, bringing fundraising for Calgary’s first community food centre to it’s $2.7 million goal.

With that, the centre is expecting to open its doors by harvest of 2016.

SHAW, Global’s parent company, was the presenting sponsor at Saturday night’s event, donating $50,000.

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