Vigilante videos going viral

A Calgary vigilante’s videos, are going viral.

Dawson Raymond has one thing on his mind, and that is catching child predators.

“Not enough is being done about it so I decided to do something myself,” Raymond told Global News.

A few days ago, Raymond went on a popular adult dating site, trolling for men looking for underaged girls.

“I had nine guys within twenty minutes of being on the site…all admitting they were willing to meet a thirteen year old girl – all of them.”

Raymond says it didn’t take long for things to heat up.

He claims the chats quickly became sexually explicit, “oh…some pretty sexual things, honestly I don’t even think people would even want to hear,” he said.

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A meet was set up, and that’s when the camera came out and Raymond became a videotaping vigilante.

Global News is blurring the faces of the men caught on tape as so far no charges have been laid.

The unblurred videos posted by Raymond, have gone viral with thousands upon thousands of hits within just hours of each video being posted.

Calgary Police confirm they are looking into the videos and the men being filmed

But police say they are also investigating Raymond’s actions in this case.

Detective Justin Brookes is with the Southern Alberta Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) unit.

He says catching predators is the unit’s speciality, and not something recommended for the public.

“There’s risks when we do it but we’re trained to mitigate those risks and if there’s a person who is undertaking this kind of activity on their own they’re definitely putting themselves at risk.”

But Raymond doesn’t plan to stop. Facebook has removed his original page but he says that’s just a temporary setback.

“I’m not gonna stop unless it comes to a legal point where I have to.”


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