Denmark intercepts Russian bomber aircraft near territorial airspace

Russian Tupolev Tu-22M supersonic strategic bombers fly above the Kremlin in Moscow, on May 7, 2014, during a rehearsal of the Victory Day parade. YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images

COPENHAGEN – Denmark’s military command says two Danish fighters jets were scrambled to intercept two Russian military planes flying near the country’s airspace over the Baltic Sea.

Military spokesman Major Erik Boettger said Saturday it was “normal procedure when foreign aircraft approach Danish airspace”, adding the Russian Tupolev TU-22M bombers never entered Danish territorial airspace.

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Boettger added Thursday’s incident involving Danish F-16s was in “no way dramatic.”

The incident comes at a time of growing military activity in the Baltic Sea region, with several reports of airspace violations by Russian military aircraft and an increased presence of Russian military vessels.

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