MacDonald Bridge pavement panels given to Halifax, associations

HALIFAX – The stretches of pavement panels for cyclists and pedestrians from the Angus L. MacDonald Bridge have been removed but they won’t be scrapped.

“We’re going to be able to replace some old infrastructure that has been makeshift at best,” said Barry Barnet, executive director of the All Terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia.

His group, along with the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia, were given half of the panels of the bridge for free by Halifax Harbour Bridges.

The two groups will share the panels, about 750 metres in total, among the various ATV and snowmobile groups in the province that apply for them.

“Normally, you would have a culvert or an old wooden structure [to drive over], now we’ll be able to replace [them] with a new, modern steel structure [that will] last for decades in the future,” said Barnet, adding that the bridges will be constructed over a two-year period starting as early as this fall.
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Halifax has been given the other 750 metres of panels, also for free, to use on its Active Transportation network.

The panels would be used for bridges and the like.

“It could be over water. We’re looking at some additional crossings of the CN main line rail. Highway overpasses as well,” said Dave McCusker, manager of Regional Transportation Planning.

One bridge is already under construction over a stream connecting to First Chain Lake close to North West Arm Drive.

“For shorter spans, it’s about half the cost that it would be otherwise so there’s a fair bit of saving there,” said McCusker, adding that the new supply is expected to last a decade.

Both Halifax and the associations applied for the panels through requests for proposals in 2012.

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