Alan Kurdi’s father was working as a human smuggler claims fellow refugee

There are shocking allegations this morning that the man whose drowned child became a symbol of Syria’s refugee crisis was himself a human smuggler.

Australian network 10 News is reporting allegations by a woman who says she was on Abdullah Kurdi’s boat when it capsized and says he was at the helm.

She claims she paid Kurdi and another man $10,000 to take her family to Europe. She also claims she was assured the journey was safe because Kurdi was the captain and was bringing his own wife and children. The woman lost her two children during the journey.

WATCH: Abdullah’s sister, Tima, and her husband, respond to the allegations outside their B.C. home

Tima Kurdi, who lives in Coquitlam B.C., is Abdullah’s sister. Outside her home on Friday, her husband said they do not believe any of the allegations.

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Kurdi said this week that he blames Canadian authorities for the tragedy that killed his wife and sons.

He told a German newspaper that he does not understand why Canada rejected his application for asylum, although Citizenship and Immigration Canada says it received no such application from the man.

“I wanted to move (to Canada) with my family and with my brother who is currently in Germany,” Kurdi told the newspaper in a telephone interview. “But they denied us permission and I don’t know why.”

Citizenship and Immigration says it received an application for Kurdi’s brother, Mohammed, but said it was incomplete and did not meet regulatory requirements for proof of refugee status recognition.

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