Éduc’Alcool asks: who drinks more, Francophones or non-Francophones?

WATCH ABOVE: When it comes to drinking alcohol, there may be a world of difference between francophone and non-francophone Montrealers. Global’s Elysia Bryan-Baynes reports.

MONTREAL – Drinking habits in Quebec might depend on what language you speak.

A new Crop poll for Éduc’Alcool shows how people consume alcohol in their daily lives.

In Montreal, 82 per cent of Francophones said they’ve had an alcoholic drink in the last 12 months, compared to 65 per cent of non-Francophones.

It turns out Francophones drink throughout the week, enjoying a glass or two every couple of days.

While non-Francophones tend to enjoy a little tipple on the weekend.

Both groups drink in moderation, and mostly at home.

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Eight per cent of those asked admitted to driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Quebec’s automobile insurance board said 160 road deaths are caused by impaired driving every year.

Éduc’Alcool Director General, Hubert Sacy said the results will be used to tailor education and awareness programs to each group.

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