Justin Bieber complains about Today Show camera, doesn’t realize mic is still on

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber broke the biggest rule of live TV during a highly-promoted appearance in New York Thursday morning: Always assume your mic is on.

An appearance on The Today Show to promote his new album (and new hairdo) turned into an impromptu – and inadvertently public – argument when Bieber complained while his microphone was still turned on.

Following a performance of his new song ‘What Do You Mean?” in front of hundreds of fans in Rockefeller Plaza – many of whom braved long waits and rainy weather to see the pop star live – the Beebs decided to pick a bone with the show’s director.

His beef? He felt the camera was in too tight, and not affording viewers a good look at his dance moves.

“The camera’s there the whole time, I might as well not even dance,” Bieber said, walking up to the camera as the show went to commercial.

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“What do I even do this for if they are just going to…” Bieber continued before the show abruptly cut to black.

By the time the show returned from commercial, Bieber and the Today Show crew had seemingly worked out their issues, as he went on to perform several more songs including “Boyfriend” and an acoustic version of “Baby.”

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Fresh off a year of criminal convictions, public apologies and even a nationally televised roast, Bieber’s Today Show appearance was an attempt by the star to get back on track while promoting the release of his new album “What Do You Mean?”

The title track from that album has already made it to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Bieber also drew plenty of buzz for his new, platinum blonde hairstyle. While fans in attendance were overjoyed at his new ’do, it was quickly pointed out on social media that it bore a striking resemblance to Harry Potter antagonist Draco Malfoy.

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Yet if Bieber had any issue with the concert or the on-air spat, his incredibly brief reaction to the Today Show appearance hid it well.

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Bieber is hardly the only celeb to have a “hot mic” gaffe. In 2001, at the height of her popularity, Britney Spears famously exploded at her crew backstage without realizing her microphone was still on.

Global News has reached out to Justin Bieber’s publicist and will update the story with their comment if and when it becomes available.