Education ministry releases sex ed ad, calls curriculum ‘dangerously out of date’

WATCH ABOVE: Teens react to Ontario government’s new sex ed curriculum ad

TORONTO — The provincial government has released an advertisement for its revamped sex ed curriculum, focusing on the questions children have surrounding sex and related topics.

Called “Show of Hands,” the ad starts with a shot of a confused boy in a bakery staring up at a wedding cake adorned with two plastic grooms.

It then cuts to a shot of a young girl adjusting her shirt while staring at a mirror in her bedroom, looking displeased with her appearance. A distraught boy is then seen looking at abusive messages from social media on his laptop, then bringing his hand to his face.

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Another girl then pulls up her shirt to take a photo of herself on her phone, before looking embarrassed. Finally, a teenage couple is seen entering a house together when a young girl stops and raises her hand, as if to ask a question.

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All five youth are then seen raising their hands in different situations.

“Our kids have questions,” the advertisement said. “The sex ed and health curriculum can help.”

WATCH: A new advertisement released by the Ontario government aims to promote the update sex ed curriculum ahead of the school year. 

The advertisement is the latest move by the government to update a Health and Physical Education curriculum that Education Minister Liz Sandals calls “dangerously out of date.”

“Our government’s top priority is the health and safety of our students,” Sandals said in a statement.

“We’re launching this campaign so that parents have factual information about what’s in the updated curriculum. Health and physical education is only part of what children will learn this year, and the updated curriculum will ensure that students stay safe, healthy, well-informed.”

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Sandals also said that the last update to the curriculum was in 1998, “long before Facebook and Snapchat became part of everyday life.”

Information on the curriculum can be found on the government’s sex education website.

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