Rob Ford says sex-ed curriculum makes him ‘sick,’ but he doesn’t know what’s in it

WATCH: “It makes me sick to my stomach”: Rob Ford on new sex-ed curriculum

TORONTO – Rob Ford says Ontario’s new sexual-education curriculum makes him “absolutely sick.”

The controversial former mayor of Toronto made his comments in an interview with The Rebel, an outlet run by former Sun TV host Ezra Levant. But Ford appears to have some details of the curriculum wrong.

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Ford says he’s against the provincial Liberals’ revised sex-ed plan because he has two kids in Grade 2 and Grade 4 who “should not be talking about what anal sex is” or what oral sex entails.

According to the new curriculum, however, kids will be in Grade 7 and 8 before they discuss anal and oral sex, as well as contraception, preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

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Students in Grade 2 will be learning about the stages of development and related body changes, and the concept that “no means no.”

By Grade 3, students will learn about same-sex relationships and children in Grade 4 will learn more about the dangers of online bullying.

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