Calgary police say decapitated cat found in northwest killed by animal

WATCH ABOVE: Calgary police are investigating after a Hidden Valley homeowner discoved a decapitated cat on Wednesday. Warning this story contains graphic details. Global’s Gary Bobrovitz reports. (Aug. 26)

WARNING: This story contains graphic content. Discretion is advised.

CALGARY –  A Calgary police investigation has concluded a decapitated cat found in the city’s northwest was the result of an animal attack.

Hidden Valley resident Richard Abbenbroek said he saw police looking through his trash can early Wednesday morning. He said police told him the the cat’s head was found on the front porch of its owner. Parts of the cat were found under a bush in the park bordering onto an alley of Hidden Ranch Road N.W.

Abbenbroek said he saw parts of the severed cat and was outraged by the incident. He said it appeared to him the cat was not attacked by a predator, but purposefully cut into pieces.

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Calgary police, including forensic crimes unit officers, were on the scene Wednesday afternoon.

Police were seen looking through garbage bins and alley ways. Ginger-coloured fur was seen on the ground.

With files from Gary Bobrovitz

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