Pitt Meadows couple mourns loss of Pomeranian they claim was mauled by neighbours’ dog

WATCH: A family in Pitt Meadows is mourning the loss of their small dog tonight. They say their Pomeranian was mauled and killed by the neighbours’ pit bull. Instead of an apology, the neighbours took their dog and moved away. Jeremy Hunka reports.

A Pitt Meadows couple says their five-pound Pomeranian was mauled to death by their neighbours’ dog right in front of their eyes.

They say Lily stepped outside through an open door last Thursday when a pit bull from next door pounced.

“It happened so fast,” said owner Julia Newlove. “We just heard her screaming and he grabbed her and he shook her.”

They rushed Lily to the veterinarian, but her wounds were too severe for surgery and she had to be put down.

“I just can’t believe I’m never going to have this dog in my life again. This dog was very, very special to me,” said Newlove.

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Making matters worse, their next-door neighbours left almost immediately after the incident, said to be heading to the Yukon, a move that had been scheduled.

Neighbours fear they’re bringing their dog into another community.

“I just want them to help us and be responsible about their dog,” said Lily’s owner Francis Marin.

The Pitt Meadows bylaw office says they’ll be looking at the possibility of declaring the pit bull dangerous.

Anne Berry of the City of Pitt Meadows said in a statement:

“If the owner has left the area staff will take steps to try and determine where they are and to advise the local authorities of the situation that has occurred in Pitt Meadows.”

-With files from Jeremy Hunka

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