Cab passenger who verbally attacked Calgary driver fired

WATCH: The man who unleashed a vicious and racist tirade against a Calgary cab driver has been fired from his job. Nancy Hixt reports.
WARNING: This story contains graphic content. Discretion is advised. 

CALGARY – The man who unleashed a vicious and racist tirade against a Calgary cab driver has been fired from his job, the company announced on its website Thursday.

“At Alcro Electric we would like to acknowledge the public’s concern,” said the company. “We do not condone such behaviour and we believe in accountability. All people need to be treated with respect and dignity. This incident is not a representation of Alcro Electric. The employee involved is no longer with Alcro Electric.”

Global News had approached Alcro Electric on Wednesday, asking whether any disciplinary action had been taken. One manager said he wasn’t aware of the video. We sent the footage to him, as well as to the president of the company.

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Global News identified the passenger as Chad Pasloski on Wednesday. Despite numerous attempts, Global News was unable to reach him for comment.

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On video captured by the taxi’s dashcam, Pasloski asks to stop at a fast food restaurant. Driver Sardar Qayyum agrees, but says the taxi chit is about to expire. Pasloski goes on to say, “you son-of-a-bitch, you f—ing  c—sucker, go back to where are from” and, “what, are you going to f—ing going to do, strap a bomb to your body, huh?”

Watch below: Global News has obtained disturbing and graphic video of a passenger launching a vicious verbal and racist attack on a Calgary cab driver.

Pasloski took a cab home from a company party when the incident occurred. He used a company taxi chit to pay his fare.

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Pasloski has now retained legal counsel.

“Obviously my client is extremely upset with what has happened,” said defence lawyer Greg Dunn. “He didn’t expect it to come and rear its head two years afterwards.

“He has had some issues with alcohol that he’s addressed and is in the process of addressing, and he has extended his apologies to the cab driver…I think the most important thing he wants to put through, he wants to apologize to the general public who have seen the video and are obviously offended by it.”

Dunn said Pasloski learned about the video by watching Global News.

“He wants people to know—notwithstanding the fact that he was never charged with any crime—he took responsibility for his actions with respect to this incident.”

Dunn said his client offered Qayyum a letter of apology through the RCMP.

“Now he’s basically in a situation where he’s being faced with allegations that really he felt he put to bed two years ago,” said Dunn.

His lawyer said all he can do now is wait for the RCMP to finish the new investigation of the file.

The Mounties said Thursday their investigation is expanding to include a review of the conduct of the original officer who handled the case.

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WATCH BELOW: The man caught on camera slinging racial slurs at a Calgary cab driver has now been fired, at the same time the RCMP has expanded its investigation. Global’s Nancy Hixt reports.

RCMP Cpl. Sharon Franks said that will include “whether or not the officer acted in an appropriate manner.”

Global News has been receiving dozens of messages on social media, many of which question whether the RCMP would have decided against laying charges if the races of the driver and passenger were reversed.

“There’s a lot of people putting a bit of a racial slant on this and further to that,” said Franks. “The RCMP does not condone that behaviour—being racially biased.”

Since the story was published, Qayyum has received messages of support from across the country.

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“It’s really, really, giving me the courage,” he said.

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