Trent Reznor writes Mayor Nenshi ‘polite letter’ over NIN logo T-shirts

WATCH: Nine Inch Nails lead singer Trent Reznor’s representatives have sent Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi a polite letter, after Nenshi and Premier Rachel Notley posed with a Nine Inch Nail t-shirt. Online reporter Erika Tucker has the details.

CALGARY – Nine Inch Nails fans who were upset over the use of the band’s logo by three Albertan politicians can rest easy: Frontman Trent Reznor’s lawyers have sent a “polite letter” expressing their concern.

“Representatives from Trent Reznor wrote Mayor Nenshi a very polite letter that we received this week,” said a statement from the mayor’s office. “In that letter, they expressed concern over the use of the logo on T-shirts that are being sold by a third party that is not connected to either Mayor Nenshi or his office.”

Mayor Nenshi had a friendly message for that “third party” on Tuesday.

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“Apparently it seems some people have been selling this T-shirt,” he told Global News. “Don’t do that. That’s not the point. And I can see why anyone would be upset by that. So if you’re someone on a website selling this T-shirt, quit it.”

The T-shirts garnered attention after a tweet featuring Mayor Nenshi and Premier Notley was sent out on June 23 by the mayor’s chief of staff. The shirt features the Nine Inch Nails logo, but reads “Notley Iveson Nenshi”—naming the premier, Edmonton’s Mayor Don Iveson and Nenshi—with the tag line “Building Alberta Together.”

The mayor’s office said the original three shirts were personal gifts printed for the politicians, and are “not the concern here.”

Premier Notley’s office confirmed she also received a letter from Reznor’s lawyers.

“He basically just said, ‘Please don’t use our logo – don’t use it for any purposes. It’s protected,’” said spokesperson Cheryl Oates, who added there were no legal proceedings underway.

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