Rob Lowe declares ‘victory’ over Air Canada

Rob Lowe, pictured in February 2015.
Rob Lowe, pictured in February 2015. Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

TORONTO — U.S. actor Rob Lowe took to Twitter early Friday to celebrate some news from Canada’s aviation industry.

Lowe responded to a tweet from Patrick Khoury, senior director of U.S. sales for Air Canada, announcing the reintroduction of Business Class seats on its Rouge planes.

“Victory is ours!,” Lowe declared.

A little more than a year ago, Lowe took Rouge to task on Twitter, poking fun at its small seats and “jaunty” hats.

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The former West Wing star flew Rouge from Vancouver to Los Angeles during a break from shooting the movie Monster Trucks.

“Flying from set on the new Air Canada ‘rouge’. Smaller seats but the crew dresses like Justin Timberlake in 2005,” Lowe tweeted with the hashtag ‘#jauntyhats.”

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In another tweet, he wrote: “People are irate on this Air Canada ‘rouge’ flight. C’mon people! Who needs leg room or comfortable, regular sized seats when you have HATS!”

Lowe joked that he was looking forward to Air Canada’s “purple” airline “with no seats at all and crew dressed as Prince during his Purple Rain period.”