‘It’s so bad it’s funny’: Traveller’s photo of $6 airport sandwich goes viral

"This is what a £3.20 bacon and egg roll from Edinburgh airport looks like," wrote Reddit user spambox recently. spambox user on Reddit

TORONTO — We all know airport food can be overpriced. And as one traveller recently learned, the portions can sometimes also be a little lacking.

A Reddit user by the name of “spambox” posted a now viral photo of his pint-sized breakfast sandwich, saying “This is what a £3.20 bacon and egg roll from Edinburgh airport looks like.” That converts to roughly $6.27 Canadian.

Adding salt to the wound, is that the man actually had to wait 15 minutes for it.

“As miffed as I was about the terrible service, as soon as I opened it I burst out laughing as did my girlfriend because, well, look at it. It’s so bad it’s funny,” he wrote.

“‘Once they’re past the gate, they have no choice but what we give them! Why spend extra on making a decent sandwich when we can just make delicious ads?'” another wrote.

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Some other highlights from the thread:

“Is that a pigeon egg? How do you even get an egg that small?”

“A valuable lesson is to never buy food from airports.”

A spokesman for Edinburgh Airport told the Scotsman newspaper:

“Sadly on this occasion we fell below the mark and offer our apologies to this customer. Clearly this is not the service we should be providing and we will be addressing this complaint with [the restaurant].”

The man didn’t bother asking for a refund because “he just thought it was overpriced…cause it was an airport.”


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